360° of Conceptual Transparency

Happy Holiday Season!

Things are conceptually revolving around the point zero circle on the side of the instruction, in the form of a "statutory sanitation" which is taking the turn of a "reactivation" of my initial request to the French State Council (1).Continue reading

Status Update

Published on 2018-11-29.

I’m joining the general discontent to confirm that things are more than ever beta-blocked at the point of equilibrium beyond which one more module would not bring any additional conceptual benefit, in terms of value added to the whole (1).Continue reading

Status Update

A few lines, in this period of transition, to let you know how things are progressing:Continue reading

Update of my Kitfolio

In the interest of a better understanding of the development history (1) of my web-enabled master franchising solution, and of what makes the latter unfakable, I added an expert mode for advanced reading (2) to the Timelines page of my Kitfolio website.Continue reading

Remasterization of my Namefolio

Considering that an entirely specs-oriented author domain name hosted under ".foundation" such as mine can become quite a "beta blocker" over time, in terms of entering in contact, and that a concept solution such as a "business card module (profile page or website)" is still missing - by default - at all web service levels of the master franchising infrastructure in development, I have remastered my Namefolio (1) towards the conceptual resolution of this twofold issue.Continue reading

Reopening of my feedback forum

With the start of the school year approaching, I’d like to invite you to reconsider the feedback forum (1) which I initially published in 2016, against the background of the multisite architecture that I unveiled in my status update of 2018-07-26.Continue reading