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Status Update

Published on 2018-11-29.

I’m joining the general discontent to confirm that things are more than ever beta-blocked at the point of equilibrium beyond which one more module would not bring any additional conceptual benefit, in terms of value added to the whole (1).Continue reading

Status Update

A few lines, in this period of transition, to let you know how things are progressing:Continue reading

Update of my Kitfolio

In the interest of a better understanding of the development history (1) of my web-enabled master franchising solution, and of what makes the latter unfakable, I added an expert mode for advanced reading (2) to the Timelines page of my Kitfolio website.Continue reading

Latest Publications

As you might have noticed, the article pertaining to the enforcement of the GDPR, which I announced in my status update of 2018-05-17, has extended into a full special edition (1) that you can as of now add to your folder of catch-up feeds.Continue reading

Status Update

Knowing that Apple’s annual WWDC usually brings its share of novelties, which impact, to varying degrees, the many building blocks of my recommended conceptual "Mac 1 configuration", I have decided, a few days from the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to update my publication agenda as follows:Continue reading

Publication of my Kitfolio

As the key element of the franchised user’s network experience, the contractual franchise kit is first and foremost a declaration-enabled service level configuration tutorial conceived so as to empower the holder thereof to integrate (i.e. redeploy), into a meta-reporting dashboard, all the information necessary and sufficient for the optimized management of his·her life project.Continue reading

Status Update

Now that the remastering works initiated in 2017 are completed as far as the specifications modules created with RapidWeaver 7 (which provides for v2.0/2017+ of all my websites) are concerned, the time is right for a status update pertaining to the draft publication agenda which I unveiled early this year.Continue reading


I’m dropping a short note before the next status update to let you know that I republished my Infolio module yesterday:

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Happy New Year!

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