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Welcome back to this conceptual reporting dashboard, whose sixth edition will emphasize this year the integrative dimensions which enable membership with the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system, in terms of the financial aspects of the constitution of a capitalization base (for the purpose of concept demonstration), such as the one I have been developing since 2013. Let us start with a review of the meta-reporting perimeter (please refer to the Slidefolio page in case of display issues with the chart view on mobile devices):
Net+Ultra® Dashboard
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Conceptual Reporting:
Time for Oneself
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Intelligent Design:
Time for Others
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Intelligent Feedback:
Working Time
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Production Assets:
Colleagues, Partners
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Profolio Configuration:
Prospects, Customers
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Netfolio Level:
Leisure Time
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Consumption Liabs:
Family, Relatives
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Groupfolio Configuration:
Friends, Acquaintances
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Starter Level:
As you know, this purpose-oriented program is to be rediscovered every year, one web page after another, in the form of an integrative presentation of the matrix-enabled problem-solving cycle under consideration. The next step therefore remains the unavoidable weblog.


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